вторник, 8 сентября 2009 г.

Microsoft FTP service for IIS 7.0

Microsoft has released a brand-new FTP service that is available as a separate download for Windows Server® 2008 that provides a a robust, secure solution for FTP in a Windows environment. This new FTP service was written specifically for Windows Server 2008 and enables Web authors to publish content more easily and securely than before, and offers both Web administrators and hosters better integration, management, authentication and logging features. It should be noted that there are two FTP services available for IIS 7.0:

  • The new Microsoft FTP service for IIS 7.0 is provided as a download from the Web for Windows Server 2008.
  • The other FTP service ships on the Windows Vista™ and Windows Server 2008 DVD. (This FTP service is essentially the same FTP service from IIS 6.0.)

There are two separate downloadable packages for the new FTP server; you will need to download the appropriate package for your version of Windows Server 2008:

For more information about installing the new FTP service, see the the following walkthrough:

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